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Book Distribution

Library policies no doubt vary across the nation, (or even between counties within a state,) but there are basically two ways to get Esperanto books into a public library: Donate them straight out, or convince the library to acquire the desired books.

Before you donate a book, or books to a library, make your choices wisely. Does the library system you are donating to already have any books about Esperanto? If so, you may want to keep away from text books and stick to some supplemental readers.

You will want to talk to the librarian directly about donating books. Just dropping them off at the front desk is putting your valuable books on the track to the book sale, or worse to the trash bin.

I have found that getting a library to buy Esperanto books for their collection to be problematic. Most librarians don't realize that the Esperanto-USA book catalog exists and will look up any books in their resources which usually won't contain our books. If you have confidence that the library can locate the books for purchase, give them specific recommendations of books, and try to supply them with the title, author and ISBN number.

Donation Recommendations

For donating to a library bereft of Esperanto books, Firstly, I recommend the book by David RICHARDSON, ESPERANTO - Learning and Using the International Language because it is modern and contains information, a textbook, and a reader. Secondly I recommend a dictionary: The Esperanto Dictionary by J.C. Wells (if you can find one.) Thirdly I recommend some kind of reader, such as Pasxoj al Plena Posedo. Peruse the catalog online or ask the Libroservo for suggestions which are in stock.

by filipo

NASK * 2014 jun 29 - jul 8 * Summer Courses

EO Esperanto: La bonega kursaro NASK - Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro okazos de la 29-a de Junio ĝis la 8-a de Julio ĉe Viktorio, BC, Kanado, ĉe la Universitato de Viktorio.

EN English: The excellent North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK), will be happening from June 29 to July 8, at The University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

UEA Seminario Por Aktivula Maturigo * 2014 jul 9 - 10 * Strategy

EO Esperanto: Ĉu plaĉas al vi varbi? La UEA-seminario pri Aktivula Maturigo (AMO) – N-ro 2, okazos je 2014 julio 9-10 ĉe Sidneo, Brita Kolumbio, Kanado.

EN English: Want to get the word out? The Seminar about Strategy and Practice for Informing North America Aktivula Maturigo (AMO) - number 2, will be happening 2014 July 9-10 en Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Komuna Kongreso * 2014 Jul 11 - 14 * Communal Congress

EO Esperanto: La Landa Kongreso okazos ĉe Sidneo, BC, Kanado, 2014 julio 11-14, kune kun la Tut-Kanada konferenco de la Kanada Esperanto-Asocio (KEA).

EN English: The Annual US Esperanto Congress will be in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, 11 - 14 July, 2014, along with the Canadian Annual Congress of the Canadian Esperanto Association (KEA).

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