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Board Meeting Minutes


  • Charlotte Burton
  • Ben Speakmon (rolanta kiel sekretario)
  • Paige Miles
  • Nikvo Woods
  • Phil Dorcas
  • Vilĉjo Harris

Filipo ricevis la prokurilon (voĉrajton) de George Baker.

Filipo: Ni havas kvorumon, kaj ĉi tio estas la tria sinsekva monata kunsido kun kvorumo.

Pri la aprobo de la protokolo de januaro kaj lasta decembro

Proponita de Phil; Nikvo subtenas. Ĉiu voĉdonis jese.

Pri la nuna stato de la LK

Nikvo raportis:

  • La registraro oficiale komencis.
  • Gastoj: Chuck Smith kaj Federico Gobbo konsentis veni.
  • 16 partoprenontoj ĝis nun.
  • Ni subskribis la kontrakton, kaj ĝi (kaj la ĉeko) estas survoje al SPU.
  • Nikvo strebas obteni vizojn por LPG. La aproboprocezo eble bezonos semajnojn aŭ eĉ monatojn.
  • Ni turnas nin al la programaro kaj gastoj.

Pri la privateco de membraj informoj

  • Iom da diskuto ĉe Slack, sed neniu decido estis farita
  • Charlotte verkis malnetan politikon kaj sendis ĝin al la estraro.
  • Ŝi sugestas, ke la estraro unue oficialigos la politikon, kaj komuniki ĝin al la membraro, por ke ili sentu sian personan informon sekura. Poste, ni proponos ŝanĝon al la asocio-reguloj por enmeti ĝin.

(we switched to English here)

  • Phil: we should bend over backwards to make people feel welcome and that joining EUSA is without risk. With a focus on youth, it may be better to be guarded. I’m on board with Charlotte’s suggestion.
  • Vilĉjo: Ballots need to go out 60 days before the LK. Nominating committee will be involved next month for new estraranoj.
  • We also need to clean up the bylaws regarding the number of members and how many are elected each year.
  • We also have to notify the state of Delaware when the bylaws change.
  • Vilĉjo suggests to drop the membership sections from the bylaws entirely.
  • Nikvo: Who should have access to PII and for what purposes? Information can’t be unpublished. We may want to publish subsets of the information at different times with consent, for example, regional helpers should have access to local Esperantists for coordination and recruitment.
  • Vilĉjo would also need guidelines from the estraro. Current policy is to give membership information on demand to people who ask; no distinction is made between inquirers.
  • The existing privacy policy draft is general enough that Vilĉjo can continue to operate as he is.
  • Paige: Can we send out a communication to members giving them an option to opt out now and tell them we’re working on a privacy policy now?
  • Vilĉjo: Every new member in the past year is clearly told about opt-out and they specifically decide what to share. This is later confirmed in a followup message, which has been already sent out.
  • Paige: We’d want to issue an official privacy policy as soon as possible. We should also emphasize that there has not been a security breach or anything; we’re simply introducing a policy for extra clarity.
  • Phil: Let’s finish the policy drafting within the next week, then publish it on the website. Paige will draft a non-freaking-out email for Vilĉjo to send. Then all proposals will be ready for board approval at the March meeting.

(Chris Nelson joined the meeting here)

Things to handle in the coming month

  • Distributing money in the Goldman Fund (which also includes the ESF grant)
  • Guidelines for being a board member. This will help Fred Meyer and the nominating committee in finding new candidates.
  • Ben and Phil will work together to draft a new set of guidelines.

The future of the Centra Oficejo

  • Vilĉjo’s role going forward
  • Status of the libroservo
  • Vilĉjo’s thoughts:
    • The vast majority of expenses are the Director’s salary and office overhead. Any attempt to seriously address the budget must address these.
    • In the long term, all book stock will be out of the office and either fulfilled through Amazon or simply passing orders through to UEA. This will significantly reduce day-to-day work.
    • There are ~40 banker boxes of archive material in the office, which needs to be scanned or dropped into an Esperanto library. Much of it is old ELNA correspondence, and the rest are old books dating from pre-WWII.
    • The books may go into a public storage space as a short-term solution. Costs are still being researched, as would be the potential savings.
    • With this done, the office can become virtual, and the office can then move to the director instead of vice versa.
    • Book sales in general are dropping. Learning material in particular has dropped off quite a bit since Duolingo.
    • He’s asked Liĉjo and the NASK teachers for the most popular books, in order to prioritize putting them onto Amazon first.
  • Ben suggests that Vilĉjo and Phil discuss the papers with Chuck@ESF, as they’re running a project for the storage of Esperanto paraphernalia.

About the camping trip after the LK:

  • Jordon Kalilich has paid $180 to reserve campsites.
  • Nikvo proposes that we reimburse him from the Goldman Fund.
  • Charlotte seconds.
  • Motion passes unanimously.

Next meeting will be on March 10th, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST.

Action items:

  • Nikvo: Working on visas for LPG.
  • Vilĉjo: Sign and return the Vera Project contract with the required deposit.
  • Paige: Draft an email for the membership explaining that a new privacy policy is coming shortly, and not to panic.
  • Ben/Phil will work out new guidelines for being a board member in the next week so the nominating committee can better inform candidates.
  • Phil/Vilĉjo will talk to Chuck@ESF about the possibility of ESF taking posession of EANA/old ELNA correspondence and other paper materials.