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Bonvenon al Esperanto-USA!

Esperanto is a constructed international language created in 1887 by Dr. L. L. Zamenhof. It was designed to be easy to learn and foster communication between people of different native languages. Esperanto is spoken by a global community and is used in various cultural, educational, and social contexts. In the United States, there is an active community of Esperanto speakers who participate in events, conferences, and local groups to promote and practice the language.

Esperanto-USA (also legally known as the Esperanto League for North America) is a registered US 501(c)(3) nationwide charitable organization, led by a board of directors with the assistance of various committees. Esperanto-USA was established in 1952 to promote education in Esperanto and connect speakers and supporters. It is primarily supported by members, and is open to anyone, regardless of fluency in Esperanto. Membership offers a valuable opportunity to promote Esperanto in the United States and receive our informative newsletter.

Usona Esperantisto

Usona Esperantisto (American Esperantist) is the official newsletter of Esperanto-USA, providing members with the latest news, events, and developments within the Esperanto community. Published regularly, it features articles on language learning, cultural insights, and updates on national and international Esperanto activities. Through Usona Esperantisto, members stay connected and informed about the vibrant world of Esperanto.

The editors of Usona Esperantisto are Alena Adler and Logan Hall. The editors can be contacted at

Most Recent Articles:

  • Warren Gould rakontas pri “la plej granda spektaklo” de sia vivo, okazinta la 24-an de Januaro, 1925.
  • Usonon trafis alia plena eklipso antaŭ relative mallonga tempo, la 21-an de Aŭgusto, 2017. Walter Murawski dividas sian sperton.

2024 National Conference

Join us for an unforgettable experience at the 2024 Kongreso of Esperanto-USA! From July 12-14, immerse yourself in a vibrant community at California State University Dominguez Hills, located in the heart of Carson, California. The Kongreso offers an exciting lineup of lectures, workshops, and social events, including a beach dinner party. Plus, enjoy exclusive access to one of the largest Esperanto archives in the United States!

Main Events: July 12-14, 2024: Engage in main lectures, workshops, meetings, and a beach dinner party.

Excursions: July 8-16, 2024: Join us for exciting excursions, including a Los Angeles tour, Disneyland adventure, and Catalina Island trip.

To learn more, visit

American Good Film Festival

Esperanto-USA supports the Usona Bona Film-Festivalo, a celebration of creativity and the Esperanto language. This short film competition invites filmmakers from around the world to submit their best work, showcasing films that are entirely in Esperanto, under five minutes long. Explore our collection of short films on our YouTube channel.

Recent Updates from Esperanto-USA:

  • Esperanto-USA Financial Report 2024
    Section 1: Introduction This report is intended to provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of our organization’s financial picture.1 This is important so that the entire membership can have a clear understanding of the challenges that we have been facing, as well as the solutions we are proposing for the organization’s long-term financial health. While… Read More »Esperanto-USA Financial Report 2024
  • Kelkaj ĝisdatigoj de Esperanto-USA | A few updates from Esperanto-USA
    Saluton, estimataj anoj de Esperanto-USA! Ni volas informi vin pri gravaj novaĵoj dum la semajnfino. Saluton, valued members of Esperanto-USA! We have a few important updates for you as you enjoy your weekend. Vizitu nian novan retejon! Visit our new website! Ni ĝojas anonci, ke nia nova retejo estas nun vizitebla! Ni ankoraŭ ĝisdatigas la… Read More »Kelkaj ĝisdatigoj de Esperanto-USA | A few updates from Esperanto-USA
  • 2024 Ballot Announcement
    Esperanto: Saluton, estimataj anoj de Esperanto-USA! Per klako sur la butono supre, vi trovos la detalojn de nia balotado, prezentante kandidatojn por postenoj en la Estraro kaj proponatajn ŝanĝojn al nia statuto. Vi ricevos retpoŝtan mesaĝon kiu priskribas la proceduron por voĉdoni. Bonvolu atenti vian retpoŝtkeston! La mesaĝo venos de Simply Voting (, kun kiu… Read More »2024 Ballot Announcement

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