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Board Meeting Minutes

Per-reta Estrara Kunsido 
13-an de Januaro de 2018

Filipo DORCAS – Kunsida Estro kaj EUSAa Prezidanto 
Chris NELSON (mi) 
Charlotte BURTON 
Nikvo WOODS 
Paige MILES 
Vilcxjo HARRIS (Oficejestro) 

Kontroli pri kvarum = igxis

Lusi Harmon donis prokurilon al Filipo, kaj pro tio Filipo vocxdonrajtas por Lusi.

Ben SPEAKMON pri: EUSAa Jara Kunveno (angle): 
Final Draft contract with SPU – person on SPU side changed jobs – waiting for replacement – delayed contracting – EUSA is assured we won’t lose our place. Only formalities needed to be done to finalize the contract.

Filipo DORCAS – reviewed contract – sees no issues with it. Bill

Filipo – Propose that we approve this contract as it is presented – with the provision that further changes be approved by the President.

  • Second – Ben SPEAKMON
  • Vote – Unanimous approval

Discussion re: sign-up forms – electronic vs paper – (Nick Woods/Bill Harris to fill in?)

EUSA received request for grant money for a conference in the Southeast USA – sent via email – on January 11, 2018. Re: Printempa Esperanto-Renkontigxo – stipend for Bill Maxey – lodging and meals – expenses. » Bill HARRIS – comment – great use of the money – supports education –

$650 < Ben says good amount.

$900 loan < Ben question – do we consider this a loan to be paid back or a max grant? » Paige: discussing how the $900 would be used by a handful of members for registration for a “kunveno” in Boone, North Carolina. Bill » possible – new Esperantist from other region could request help for local activity just like for the Southeast.

Charlotte < suggest vote on $650 grant for the Printempa Esperanto-Renkontigxo – and postpone vote for $900 amount pending further discussion as separate issue to vote on.

  • Seconded by Nikvo
  • Vote – all in favor – exept -> Paige abstained (conflict of interest)

Discussion re: $900 – Charlotte – Are we in the business of loaning? Does the loan fulfill our purposes for use of the money. Reason for use of this money is in line with EUSA’s purposes for the money’s use. > Ben > Better to treat the $900 as a grant – and if they pay “back” – it’s a grant to EUSA. > Other discussion re: budgeting, policies surrounding use of this type of funds, calling it a “deposit” ?, etc. > Charlotte – should

Goldman fund – not restricted just to the ESF grant – We (EUSA) can use it. > Bill – have we voted to make the Goldmand Fund a nonrestricted fund? no – Filipo – We can handle this next month (February 2018) » will draft policy before February meeting.

Proposal (Nick) – Pay deposit of $900 to Esperanto RTP for the Printempo-Esperanto-Renkontigxo. 
Seconded by Charlotte 
Vote – All in favor – except Paige – abstained (conflict of interest)

Filipo – Getting regional helpers – Thomas Alexander – does a lot with DUOLINGO – Roberto POORT – active in Las Vegas (don’t know about him) – Julie Schwartz New England > Chris NELSON > Can a “Job Description” be made? Even though they include things like to “figure out what needs to be done in order to…” statements.

Filipo – Central Office – future – w/plans for the wares in the Central Office – and future – wants Vilcxjo’s ideas – asking Vilcxjo to come up with ideas for the future of the office – sustainable growth, etc.

Filipo – set date for next board meeting – 2nd Saturday in February – 10th – provisionally set meeting February 10th, 2018 – same time – 10am Pacific – 1pm Eastern

Filipo – Annual report – would like coordinated – Budget – thought out and worked out, hashed out and planned – lots of things to coordinate – trying

Meeting adjourned @ 11:02 AM Pacific.