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Board Meeting Minutes


  • Charlotte BURTON (provisional secretary)
  • Filipo DORCAS
  • Paige MILES
  • Nikvo WOODS
  • Vilĉjo HARRIS

Filipo ricevis la prokurilon (voĉrajton) de Georgo BAKER. Filipo diras, ke ni havas kvorumon.

Ĉeestas (sen voĉrajton)

  • Murray MERNER
  • Timoteo RICE
  • Hanso BECKLIN
  • Jordan KALILICH

Ni bonvenas la kandidatojn.

Here we switched to English.


Filipo suggests that we draft a resolution allowing this.

Discussion of action items from last monthly meeting.

Approval of the minutes of the board meeting from February 2018

Ben moves to accept. Nikvo seconds. Unanimous approval.

Grant Request from Thomas Alexander for ARE

Thomas Alexander was previously not a member but has since joined E-USA and intends to join AAIE as well. Request is for $800 for the junularo dometo, $200 to support Event and Education Coordinator, $100 to support a guest speaker or other honored guest.

Nikvo proposes that discussion be limited to this year. Discussion is generally in favor of supporting regional activity and moves on to what the limits and guidelines for such support should be. Filipo suggests “matching” grant, which the request concerning the junulara dometo would meet. Hanso suggests stipulating at least a $10 rebate for E-USA members who attend events that E-USA helps fund.

Nikvo proposes that we agree to grant ARE $1100 for the planning and organization of the 2018 Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto with the condition that members of Esperanto-USA are provided a discount of at least $10 for their sign-up costs.Ben seconds. Unanimous approval.

Discussion of regional grant requests will be continued in other forums.

Discussion of the change in number of board members and the discussion of resolutions on the Personal Information Policy and a proposed amendment to the bylaws will also be continued in other forums.

The timing for our next board meeting

will be discussed after the close of this meeting, in Slack or other forums.

Concerning boxes in the Central Office

Vilĉjo reports we have boxes of archive material in the Central Office. E-USA is discussing with Chuck Mays and members of ESF about donating these archives toward the creation of Esperanto libraries. This will help clear the central office of excess items toward the goal of limiting the needs of the physical location. Vilĉjo reports that E-USA formerly had an archivist, but that position is currently not filled. The archives have been stored in the central office largely for convenience.

Webinar Plans

March 24 is the best date for most people. The regional coordinators will provide input and collaborate with Filipo and the board to create an agenda and scripts for a webinar on the new Regional Coordinator positions and local group supports. Action Item: The board will attempt to coordinate with TKEK about involving the members of that event with the Webinar


Decided for 11 AM next Saturday (Pacific Time). Action Item: Discuss with other LKK members to confirm, and release social media announcements.

Amazon Fulfillment

More items are being added to Amazon each week. This is likely to continue at least for the next month or two. Vilĉjo reports that, by the LK, as many books as we can eventually sell on Amazon will be moved to Amazon. Some items in the Central Office are essentially unsellable. The board will have to decide, at some point, what to do with these books. Expect a full report on Amazon fulfillment at the Congress.

LK Report

Past month dedicated to putting a schedule together. Prices go up on April 1. Advertise Stipends.