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Board Meeting Minutes – June, 2023





David BECK

Charlotte BURTON




Ĉeestas sen Voĉdonrajtoj


Quintyn BOBB

Brandon SOWERS

Logan HALL

Meeting is called to order. A quorum is declared, in addition to the introduction of the current candidates for board. As an update to the agenda, Jane confirms that the second item on the list of farendaj agadoj is completed. Phil confirms that the minutes of the previous meeting were posted online and approved via our automatic minute approval process, by which the secretary posts the minutes via Google Docs where all board members can see, and board members have a few days to read them and submit any changes before they are automatically approved.

Standing Reports


Little to report. Bill is handling matters with Salesforce and the Landa Kongreso.


The treasurer displays the draft budget to all present, in addition to having sent it to all Board members and candidates via email and Slack, for review. The budget is based on the last three years, using best estimates concerning investments. It is mentioned that the “2023 Extrapolated” column is more useful for some items than for others, as it assumes that the rate of income and expense for a given line item will remain the same across all months. This is not true for items such as member dues and donations, which are heavier at the end of the year, and for items such as Convention income and expense which are highly variable throughout the year based on the needs of the LKK. It is common practice to assume that the Convention will have as much income as expense, as this is a goal of the LKK. The board discusses the need for an organizational Zoom account as well as trying to clarify where the expenses came from to reserve rooms during the 2022 UK for hosting our LK at that time. The board agrees on $500 as a line item for software subscriptions, to be included as its own line item and account, with the understanding that we may spend much less than this due to non-profit discounts that many companies offer. A discussion arises regarding the costs of paper bulletins and how to account for those, and the board decides to bring this up to the membership at the LK. A discussion arises regarding a possible donation campaign and/or membership campaign. Charlotte comments that the $897 deficit appears to be well within the margin of error based on how our investments do. 

Alex asks about the promoting Esperanto line item. David clarifies that this is there to represent the $500 budget that was agreed upon at the last LK, and that none of this has yet been spent out of the General Fund. Ruth clarifies that the board approved for the Promotional Committee to spend $200 on fliers about Esperanto for a sci-fi convention, but the convention was then cancelled until September, so that $200 may be spent by the committee at that time. Jane recommends that we shop around for a better price on DNO insurance. Alex suggests putting something fun in people’s goody bags in Raleigh to advertise Esperanto. Ruth suggests that this could be something to give away in public events. Brandon suggests a postcard that could be sent to people. This discussion will continue in Slack. 

Alex suggests that the budget looks as good as we can probably get it, given that we do not have the time or energy to do a deep dive on each line item and best deals. Charlotte comments again that the total number seems within the margin of error for benign as close as we reasonably can come to breaking even while also following best practices concerning budgeting for higher expenses than what may possibly end up, rather than budgeting for too little. Brandon suggests that we may be overdue for a membership dues increase, given that it has not increased in over 15 years despite inflation. Tim proposed accepting the budget. Jane seconds. Phil checks for further discussion then calls for the vote. Unanimously approved. The motion passes, and the board will present this budget to the members at LK in July. David is asked about the other reports and states nothing to add but opens the floor to questions. Phil comments that if there ever are any surprises or major issues, that the board would know about it before our monthly meeting and that asking about anything unusual is mainly a formality.

President’s Report

Phil has sent the report out to the board and asks that the board review it and suggest any needed changes before the LK.

Old Business

Alex asks to confirm that everyone is fine with the film festival plans he had suggested in Slack. The board agrees. The plan, in summary, is to set certain dates and to have only one film festival this year instead of two, with the prize money doubled in order to attract more talent, especially given the ongoing writer’s strike. Alex requests, during the initial opening party for the film festival, for money for pizza and perhaps sodas while bringing together professional actors with local Esperantists to help build up hype for the film festival and encourage collaboration between Esperantistoj and professionals in the film community, as a part of spreading Esperanto while also encouraging the creation of more cultural material in Esperanto. Charlotte agrees, as chair of the Goldman Fund, that they can reimburse him these expenses out of that fund.

The meeting is called to a close.