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Board Meeting Minutes – July, 2023



Brandono SOWERS

David BECK

Charlotte BURTON



Quintyn BOBB

Enriko HARO


Ĉeestas sen voĉdonrajtoj


Opening Meeting

Per custom from the previous president, Brandon states he will guide the board meeting in English. A quorum is declared. The meeting is called to order. Per board procedure, the minutes of the previous meeting are automatically approved. 

Standing Reports

Central Office

Nothing to report, as Bill is trying to catch up on post-Congress requests.

President’s Report

The president prepared the agenda for this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Nothing to report since the LK

Old Business


We were going to look into getting some technology subscriptions. Bill got the one currently in use through TechSoup, though there is some question of how many Zoom accounts we will need. Per discussion in Raleigh, we were going to see how much use we can get out of the current Zoom account before getting more. Further, the board will discuss in Slack how to proceed on an upgraded Slack account.

New Business

Parallel Universe

Brandon proposes supporting local groups at up to $50 each for the first ten local groups to request it, to support them in participating in Parallel Universe. The full proposal is listed in Appendix B. Jane raises the question of whether $50 would be enough to actually support any local group activity, or whether we should subsidize some larger amount with individually approved amounts. Margo moves that we vote on Brandon’s proposal. Jane recommends we may want to set up a rubric to help determine what proposals we can support. Charlotte suggests that she and Jane can plan to support bigger proposals for Zamenhof Day. Brandon calls for the vote, which passes unanimously.

US Representation at UK

Booth at Movada Foiro

Brandon proposes collaboration with Charlotte and Bill to gather materials to display and distribute at our booth at the movada foiro. With a budget of up to $100. Charlotte and Bill agree. Rafa and Kuo will be at the UK, as well as David, and may be able to work at our booth at the movada foiro. Brandon proposes we amend the amount to $300, and Margo seconds. With no opposition, the amendment passes unanimously. The vote passes unanimously. Action Item: Bill and Charlotte will collaborate to gather materials to display at UK with a budget of up to $300.


Brandon proposes that we create a Telegram group called Usonanoj ĉe UK 2023, and begin letting people know about this. Action Item: Brandon will create a Telegram group, then hand it over to Q. This passes unanimously.

Komitato de UEA

So far, Duncan Charters has been acting as our committee representative for UEA. While Duncan has been president, he has been our committee member, but per our bylaws, we should select a different person each year. Brandon suggests we have two people sit in on each of these meetings during the UK when possible. There is uncertainty as to whether there are similar meetings needed outside of the UK. David proposes we accept this proposal to determine whether we can have a second person sit in on the committee meetings. Margo seconds. Unanimously in favor. Action Item: Brandon will investigate the matter of komitatanoj for UEA.


Regarding the new committees we are setting up (Diversity Committee, Project Committee, Communication Committee), Brandon suggests we follow the model of the Nomination Committee in order to ensure effective committees. Tim Boronsky has been leading the Membership Committee. The Nomination Committee and Membership committee meet every 1-3 months and communicate some in between. New committees (including the Diversity Committee, the Project Committee, and the Communication Committee) should be on hold until we select chairs for each committee, a description of the committee’s purpose, and then a final make-up of the committee. The President is empowered to take point on this, but consult with the board prior to any decisions. Jane suggests an amendment wherein the final make-up of the committee will be at the discretion of the selected chair, in consultation with the President, and a list brought to the board, including bios, for final confirmation. After the committee is initially formed, all future decisions are up to the committee, in consultation with the president. The board agrees that committee chairs can be, but need not be board members. David proposes we vote on the amended proposal. Margo seconds. Jane abstains from the vote, and all others vote in favor. 

Board Functioning

Margo, Kuo, Fred, Brandon, and Hoss agree to be in a small committee to help draft working rules and guidelines regarding board functioning. Margo proposes we approve this move. David seconds. The proposal passes unanimously. 

Communication Strategy

Quintyn has been thinking about our communication strategy and will be offering the board some materials to help us determine our communication strategy as an organization moving forward.

Next Meeting

August 12, 1 PM Eastern. Passes by acclamation. Meeting adjourned 2:06 EST.

Appendix A: Tagordo

Tagordo – Estrarkunveno, 15a de Julio, 2023

Agenda – Board Meeting, July 15, 2023

  1. Open (5m)
    1. Attendance
  2. Review previous meeting minutes (5m)
  3. Standing Reports (5m)
    1. CO
    2. President
      1. Prepared agenda
      2. Updated permissions on google drive.
    3. Treasurer
  4. Old Business (5m)
  5. New Business (50m+)
    1. Parallel Universe (10m)
      1. Support for local activities, with up to $500 coming from Promotion line item.
      2. Proposal: Adopt the plan, and allow Brandon to take initiative on launching this over next two weeks, working with Charlotte, Bill (and others?)
    2. US representation at UK (10m)
      1. Booth at Movada Foiro
      2. Proposal: Empower Brandon, Charlotte, and Bill to iron out details of our booth at the movada foiro with those who will be in attendance, with budget of up to $100 for materials from line item 65100. 
        1. Ideas listed for reference (Board members can suggest additional ideas after meeting, in Slack)
        2. People who can ‘take point’ on booth:
          1. Rafa, Kuo, David, Peggy
        3. Things which they might be provided with?
          1. Film festival materials (Poster in Esperanto, stickers which Charlotte previously made)
            1. One thing about upcoming deadline
            2. One thing about retrospective – “Over 100 films in Esperanto!”
          2. Usone Persone stickers / poster or flyers with QR Code?
            1. (Stickers will be printed by UP at their own cost)
            2. First ever live podcast in Esperanto?
          3. A single poster with various youtube channels run by Americans, with QR Codes
            1. Catie, Alex, Alena (I think Alena uses Twitch and Discord, not YouTube–Margo), Aaron Fingtam, Chelsea  (none of these are officially endorsed by E-USA, as far as I know–Margo)
          4. Copies of Usona Esperantisto (would also post QR codes for the social media channels where UE is routinely posted by Hoss–Margo)
          5. Naska Fasko? / Material about NASK?
          6. Maybe a few copies of books we’ve published, or that our members have published?
            1. Alex Miller, Myrtis Smith, Aaron Fingtam
          7. Something about first long-form Improv in Esperanto, with photos? (question about Esperanto term for this?)
          8. Tablecloth?
          9. Some “American” treats? (Oreos, Coca-cola?) These can be bought on site. (Would avoid Coca-Cola because too heavy to carry, messy –Margo)
          10. The postcards that Elliot made for NASK?
        4. Can we share a table with ESF?
        5. Ĉu ni povas poste sendi al la IJK kun Kartero aŭ Kuo?
      3. Telegram-grupo
      4. Proposal: Create a telegram group for “Usonanoj ĉe UK 2023”, which Americans who are going can use to coordinate with each other.
      5. Komitato de UEA
      6. Proposal: Request to UEA that we be allowed to have an additional observer in meetings of the ‘Komitato’, since our current representative also has to serve as president. (Not necessarily the same observer at each meeting.)
        1. Ŝajnas, ke Duncan Charters estas nia komitatano A, do reprezentas Usonon en la komitato. Lia mandato ŝajne finiĝos en 2024, do estus bone jam prepari aliajn homojn pretiĝi por tio.
    3. Committees (5-10m)
      1. Proposal: New committees should be on hold until we select chairs for each committee, a description of the committee’s purpose, and then a final make-up of the committee. Brandon empowered to take point on this, but consult with board prior to any decisions

Question:  Can a board member be a committee chair?–Margo

  1. Reference: Short list of names for possible committee chairs (Board members can suggest additional names after meeting, in Slack):
    1. Logan Hall                
    2. Myrtis Smith
    3. Vince Allison
    4. Alex Miller
    5. Rachel Helps
    6. Elle Beck
    7. Sharon Colligan
    8. Hans Becklin
    9. Rafa Nogueras
    10. Mara Rockliff
    11. Bill Maxey
    12. Lee Miller
    13. Mathias Korako
  1. Board Functioning (10m)
    1. Proposal: Select 3-5 people to draft up working rules/guidelines and present to next board meeting
      1. Brandon, Hoss, Margo – any others?
    2. Discussion: Language in board communications
  2. Communication Strategy – Presentation by Kuo (15-20m)
  1. Miscellaneous (5m)
  2. Good & Welfare (5m)
    1. Update on Fred?: If he is not present at the meeting today, I will message his daughter Amy, who I was in touch with last week. I don’t have Fred’s phone number  –Margo
  3. Set next Meeting (5m)
    1. August 12
  4. Adjourn (5m)

Appendix B

Propono por instigo al lokaj eventoj por Paralela Universo


La ideo estas sugesti al lokaj grupoj kaj eĉ unuopuloj organizi ion en sia urbo por “Paralela Universo (”, la 19an de Aŭgusto, 2023. Por instigi tion, Esperanto-USA  repagos ĝis $50 al la unuaj dek grupoj kiuj anoncas planitan eventon en Usono. Eventuale ni povos ankaŭ havi ne-monan premion por la ‘plej granda evento’. Estas aparte interese instigi partoprenadon ĉi-jare, pro tio ke Esperanto-USA jam apogas Paralelan Universon ĝenerale, kaj pro tio ke por la multaj Esperantistoj kiuj lernis Esperanton post la komenco de Kovimo, tiu ĉi estos ilia unua Paralela Universo, kaj eventuale la unua ĉeesta Esperanto-renkontiĝo.

The idea is to suggest to local groups and even individuals to organize something in their city for Parallel Universe, the 19th of August, 2023. To encourage this, Esperanto-USA will repay up to $50 each to the first ten groups who announce a planned event in the US. We may also have a non-monetary prize for the ‘biggest event’. It is particularly exciting to encourage participation this year, because Esperanto-USA already supports Parallel Universe generally, and because for the large number of Esperantists who have learned Esperanto since the start of Covid, this will be their first Parallel Universe, and possibly their first in-person Esperanto gathering.


1. Ke okazu pluraj renkontiĝoj por Paralela Universo (19an de Aŭgusto) en diversaj urboj de Usono. Tio enhavas plurajn sub-celojn, ekzemple:

   1.1 Kultivi senton de komunumo inter la esperantistaro en Usono.

   1.2 Kultivi senton de komunumo inter usonaj kaj alilandaj esperantistoj.

   1.3 Montri la ekziston de Esperanto-komunumo al la ekstera publiko.

2. Krei pli altan profilon en diversaj sociaj retoj.

3. Montri la ekziston kaj utilon de Esperanto-USA al loke aktivaj Esperantistoj.

1. That there should be several events for Parallel Universe (August 19th) in various cities in the US. This has several sub-goals, for example:

1. Cultivate a sense of community between Esperantists in the US

2. Cultivate a sense of community between Esperantists in the US and other countries.

3. Show the existence of the Esperanto community to the external public.

2. Create a higher profile in various social networks

3. Show the existence and utility of Esperanto-USA to locally active Esperantists.

Detaloj kaj kondiĉoj:

1. Esperanto-USA anoncos la iniciaton antaŭ ol la fino de Julio per filmo en Jutubo kaj bulten-artikolo, kaj utiligos tiujn por anonci en aliaj retejoj.

   1.1 Esperanto-USA will announce the initiative before the end of July by a film on Youtube as well as a newsletter article, and will use these to also announce on other networks

2. Esperanto-USA repagos ĝis po $50 al la unuaj dek grupoj kiuj anoncas eventojn laŭ la subaj kondiĉoj. La mono venos el la buĝetero por “Promotion” (65100).

   2.1 Esperanto-USA will repay up to $50 to each of the first ten groups who announce events that meet the following critiria. The money will come from the budget line item for “Promotion” (65100)

3. Lokaj aranĝoj, por peti repagon, devas plenumi la jenajn kondiĉojn:

   3.1 La okazaĵo devos okazi la 19an de Aŭgusto, 2023. The event has to happen on August 19th, 2023

   3.2 Ĝi devas esti  anoncita al E-USA antaŭ ol la 10 de Aŭgusto kun la detaloj (loko kaj almenaŭ unu kontaktmaniero ke interesatoj povos kontakti la organizanton). Tio permesos al E-USA disanonci la planitajn eventojn la 12an de Aŭgusto, unu semajnon antaŭ PU. It has to be announced to E-USA before August 10th with the details (location and at least one way that interested people could contact the organizer). This will allow E-USA to announce the planned events on August 12th, one week before PU.

   3.3 La grupo devas poste sendi fotojn, kiuj montras la partoprenon de almenaŭ kvar personoj, kaj kun klaraj esperantaĵoj (flagoj, libroj, glumarkoj, ktp), kaj 1-3 frazoj en Esperanto pri la aranĝo. Tiujn fotojn kaj vortojn ni rajtos uzi sur niaj sociretaj paĝoj kaj en la bulteno. The group has to send photos after the event which show the participation of at least four people, with clear Esperanto items (flags, books, stickers, etc), and 1-3 sentences in Esperanto about the event. These photos and words can be used by E-USA on our social media pages and in the newsletter.

   3.4 La organizantoj de aranĝoj devos sendi kvitancon por peti repagon antaŭ ol la 26a de Aŭgusto. The event organizers have to send receipts for repayment by August 26th.

4. La estraro rajtas decidi repagi al pli ol dek lokaj grupoj okaze ke pli ol dek aranĝoj estos anoncitaj kiuj plenumas la kondiĉojn.

   4.1 The board may, at its discretion, decide to reimburse more than ten groups in the event that more than ten events are announced which meet the criteria.

Sugestoj por la organizantoj:

1. Anoncu la eventon sur diversaj sociretaj paĝoj! Eble vin surprizos, kiom da homoj interesiĝos aŭ aperos.

2. Anoncu al lokaj gazetoj, kiuj eble interesiĝos.

3. Aranĝu disponi materialon pri Esperanto por interesatoj, kiuj venas al la aranĝo.

4. Sugestu ke ĉiu portu Esperanto-libron por interŝanĝi. Portu kelkajn kromajn (se vi disponas) okaze ke iuj ankoraŭ ne havas Esperanto-librojn. Faru ankaŭ foton de la partoprenantoj kun siaj interŝanĝitaj libroj.

Ŝablono de plano por PU

(El la paĝo de Paralela Universo)

|                        |                                                                                                |

| —————— | ——————————————————————————- |

| 08:00 – 12:00 | Vojaĝado laŭ neceso.                                                             |

| 12:00 – 13:30 | Tagmanĝo en loka restoracio.                                                          |

| 13:30 – 18:30 | Turisma ekskurso al loka vidindaĵo, aŭ grupa ludado, laŭ via volo. |

| 18:30 – 20:00 | Vespermanĝo en loka restoracio.                                                     |

| 20:00 – 00:00 | Vojaĝado hejmen.                                                                             |