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Board Meeting Minutes – Special Meeting – October, 2023



Brandon SOWERS

David BECK

Charlotte BURTON

Quintyn BOBB




American Good Film Festival

  • The Komunika Komitato has drafted a message to publicize the festival and has discussed sending thank you notes to the participants who submitted films. 
  • Idea: Donation campaign to support future film festivals (e.g. donations in the next 2 weeks will go to the Goldman Fund unless otherwise marked)
    • Use the donate button for the ESF Matching, in which case the matched amount goes to projects like this.

Community Norms

  • The group generally accepts the same norms as the Communications Committee

Working Vision Discussion

  • Reviewing the preamble from the bylaws
    • primary purpose is to further education in, and dissemination of information about, the international auxiliary language Esperanto within the United States of America
  • Questions to discuss:
    • “If we succeed as an organization, what does that mean?”
    • In a perfect world, without limitations, what would E-USA be fulfilling?
    • Your ideal vision for E-USA’s impact on Esperanto in the USA and beyond?
    • The kind of legacy E-USA would leave for future generations of Eo speakers and advocates?
  • Ideas:
    • Creating an environment where everyone is actually welcome
    • Making sure we’re doing things that actually help the world
    • Widespread awareness and use of Esperanto by Americans to promote international and intercultural communication and contribute to the cultural richness of the Esperanto community
    • See more of:
      • People aware of Esperanto, interested in Esperanto, that can speak Esperanto
      • Good Esperanto content, current and perennial, film, books, podcasts, etc.
      • Events such as the LK and money that can be put into these events
      • Classes to teach Esperanto
      • Other ways people can be put together to meet one another both for learning and for spreading the community
    • See more teaching people Esperanto and building a community based on common interests
    • More cultural things around the language, more pop culture references
    • Everyone in the USA will have the opportunity to hear about Esperanto, learn it, and use it within the US and internationally. Esperanto speakers in the USA will have many opportunities to interact with other speakers internationally, including through travel. Legacy for the future will include a well-managed organization that is financially transparent.
    • Legacy has been limited to Esperantists in certain cities, not the flyover country
    • Focus on non-state areas owned by the USA, such as Puerto Rico
    • Vibrant, active state, local, and regional groups
    • How are Esperanto speakers seen by non-speakers
    • Make Esperanto cool and enticing, and make it easy for people to get into it and advance.
    • Heavy US participation in international events, and an international reputation for being cool
  • What is Esperanto culture?
    • The references, the in-jokes
    • Literature, music, friendly meetups, international contacts and acceptance of people from diverse backgrounds
    • “Victoria Cafe” online international meetup (Wally du Tempe) with weekly themes.
    • Bobelarto events
  • Themes (Vision):
    • Vibrant, active movement at all levels (local, state, regional, national, online)
    • Esperanto seen as welcoming to all people
    • Esperanto seen as exciting and alluring
    • Esperanto learning opportunities are easy to find and participate in
    • US Esperanto movement has a good reputation within the US and outside the US.
  • Themes (Mission):
    • Lots of (fun, good) classes for people at all levels
    • High activity level in international Esperanto events and cultural events by US Esperanto speakers
    • Lots of Esperanto events and cultural events within the US that are clearly fun and exciting
    • Esperanto content coming out of the USA builds Esperanto culture
    • Active interest-based groups and events in Esperanto within the USA
    • Esperanto-USA is a visibly professional and effective organization